Using a Propane Leak Tester

Propane gas has a very strong odor to help you identify a leak. However, it is possible for the odorant to “fade” over time or be blocked due to a variety of reasons. Odor fade can be caused by ground movement of the propane that filters out the odorant or internal rust of tanks and cylinders. It can also be caused by adsorption of the odorant on unpainted or rough building surfaces. Finally, the odorant in the gas can be absorbed by certain household fabrics and drapes or dissipate through water pipes.

The good news is that propane leak testers are available that can detect the presence of combustible gases in your home. These devices are especially useful for people who have difficulty smelling propane gas or who live in older houses with weak or absent odor ducting. A propane leak tester is easy to use and does not require any special equipment or skill to operate.

When a propane system is in service, there is constant pressure on the system pipe fittings and seals that connect your tank to your appliances. This pressure can wear down the joints and seals over time, resulting in a leak. That is why it is very important to have your gas system inspected regularly by the propane company and to keep your gas meter at or above 100 percent.

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During the cold weather, propane companies are very busy performing leak tests and making deliveries. A propane leak test takes up a lot of the driver’s time and can prevent them from delivering as much gas as they could to customers. This can result in a higher price for the propane customer.

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