Explore Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

Unlike concentric or double eccentric Explore Triple Offset Butterfly Valves, the unique seat and seal arrangement in triple offset butterfly valves ensures bubble-tight shutoff and improved isolation capabilities. This makes them ideal for demanding fluid handling applications such as steam systems, process plants, petrochemical, power generation plants and gas distribution networks. In addition, they are frequently used in fire protection systems as reliable isolation points that meet stringent safety requirements.

The three offsets in this type of valve create a cam-like action that eliminates the rubbing between the disc and seat ring, which is common in other butterfly valve variations. This feature significantly reduces friction and wear, extending the valve’s service life and reducing energy consumption. The lack of cavities between sealing components also reduces maintenance costs by eliminating the potential for debris to clog or disrupt operation.

Discovering the Advantages of Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

In addition to the above advantages, the triple-offset design of these valves provides space and weight savings. Their smaller profile allows them to fit in narrow spaces that are not suitable for other valve types. Additionally, they can be actuated with just a quarter turn, which is much faster than the multiple turns required by some other valve types.

Nevertheless, the performance of triple-offset butterfly valves is dependent on several factors. It is important that the right valves are selected for each application, ensuring they are rated to withstand the operating pressures and temperatures in the system. They must also be properly installed and maintained to avoid damage from chemical corrosion or abrasion.

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