Different Kinds of Boat Lifts

Keeping your boat elevated out of the water with a boat lift protects it from damage caused by waves, dirt/algae build-up and bad weather. It also keeps your boat away from the water if you aren’t using it and protects it from corrosion from sitting in the sun for long periods of time.

Maximize Dock Space: Advantages of a Boat Lift System

There are several different kinds of boat lifts. The one you choose depends on where you live and what kind of conditions the body of water you are using regularly sees. Some places have rough waters that require a greater level of structural strength in the lift and dock to stand up against waves and wind.

A 4-post conventional lift is great for areas that get a lot of rough weather since it’s very durable. It can hold large boats and is built to withstand the elements. It also stands alone, meaning you don’t need a pier or sea wall to keep it in place. If you have a smaller vessel, a 3-post or 2-post lift may be more appropriate for your needs.

A hydraulic lift is another option to consider if you want your lift to be energy efficient and have a fast rise time. These lifts use steel tubes and pistons to power the system to raise and lower your boat. This type of lift is good for inland lakes or rivers and can withstand most weather. It is still important to operate the lift with care to avoid causing damage or injury.

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