Beauty in 2022

Beauty is Most Profitable Celebrity-Owned Brands an epic shift, as consumers redefine beauty standards, and new categories & markets open up. This will give brands that align with the right consumer expectations a chance to thrive.

With an eye on sustainability and inclusivity, brands will be focusing more on making beauty products that are both high-performance and eco-friendly. Livvy Houghton, strategic foresight analyst at The Future Laboratory, expects to see more brands leveraging “condensed” products to reduce the amount of packaging and product waste. She says we’ll also see the rise of “blue beauty” (where products are designed to be safe for waterways) and a move towards “by-product beauty,” where upcycled ingredients are used to create new, desirable items.

Influencers, micro-influencers, and influencer marketing will continue to play a huge role in beauty. A good example is the skincare brand Soft Services, which has seen a big spike in sales after one of its products was gifted to a TikTok influencer who shared it in a non-sponsored post.

2022 Beauty Forecast: From Skincare Breakthroughs to Makeup Must-Haves

Another big beauty trend to watch for 2022 is middle-parted hair. This style looks amazing whether you’re sporting a sleek updo, short pageboy, or luscious waves.

Lastly, Yves Klein blue is on its way to becoming a staple shade for makeup lovers this year. Look out for it to pop up on lips, eyes and even hair, with designers such as Giambattista Valli offering a discreet look and Halpern and Coach opting for a bolder approach.

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